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Market Info

Based on key factors including large healthcare spend, high per-capita income, and strong investments, the pharmaceutical market in the US continues to grow. The US generic drug market has been growing at a fast pace due to demand for cost-effective medications, patent expiration of blockbuster drugs, and government support.

Generic drug sales in the United States were valued at $78 billion in 2010.

Alvogen‘s largest market is North America, with regional office located in Pine Brook, New Jersey. The Pine Brook office has approximately 100 employees working in functional areas that include: Research and Development, Corporate Finance, Corporate IT, Corporate Supply Chain and Operations, Regional Sales, Marketing and Business Development, and Regional Regulatory Affairs.

Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Alvogen’s primary manufacturing site, is also found in the United States. Located in Norwich, NY, Norwich Pharmaceuticals is a 375,000 square foot operation with a 125 year history in the pharmaceutical industry. Norwich employs more than 390 personnel, making it one of the largest employers in the region.

The United States pharmaceutical market is the largest in the world, with a favorable patent and regulatory environment. Product success is largely based on competition in product quality, safety and efficacy, and price.

Government support of research and development, along with its unparalleled scientific and research base and innovative biotechnology sector, make the US market a preferred home for growth in the pharmaceutical industry. In the last decade, more than 300 new medicines were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Newly approved drugs include new treatments for multiple sclerosis, prostate cancer, and stroke prevention.