Customer-centric packaging

Unlock pharmacy efficiency and productivity. Increase patient care.

When you consider the valuable retail space consumed by large packages with impractically high quantities…the amount of time it takes for pharmacists to find the generics they’re looking for among a sea of sameness…the time to accurately measure out prescriptions…it all adds up to millions upon millions of dollars in lost productivity and efficiency.



Disulfiram lable

Why package products in anonymous white bottles that increase the risk of error and make pharmacists’ lives more difficult? We use branded, four-color labels that highlight product images, quantity, dosage recommendations, safety warnings and NDCs.

Our labeling is customer focused, making it far simpler for pharmacists to quickly and accurately fill prescriptions and provide unit-of-use quantities in consumer-friendly packages.

Package quantities

Tailor made package quantities

What if you could reduce the valuable minutes it takes to measure prescriptions from bottles to a fraction of that time – while taking up half the shelf space? When you consider the valuable retail space consumed by large packages with impractically high quantities, you understand how 

package size and quantity impacts productivity and profitability significantly.

It’s why we tailor package quantities for each product based on typical dosages, frequency of prescription and other factors that drive real savings in the long-term.

Packaging materials


Why use fragile, space-devouring glass bottles for pharmaceuticals when smaller plastic bottles could do the job more safely and more efficiently?

We ask ourselves common sense questions like this for every product we manufacture, even if other companies don’t. The result: we create the optimal packaging to deliver optimal efficiency in your pharmacies.

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